You sold your soul to buy the dream,
You were convinced “it would never happen to me,”
You bought a house with the money you saved,
You found the “perfect “ wife who felt the same,
You ate dinner every night at 8, and every weekend was exactly the same.
Your perfect family became a machine and now there’s no escaping.
This life we live, is it all a lie? Keep wishing your empty life was something more than wasted time Its all downhill from here, a slow death making love to your office chair When you come home late at night, the lights not on, there’s no one there.
She left a long time ago with the money and the kids and the life you shared, now you’re left sleeping all alone in a bed for two piss drunk and miserable.
Drowning in the cold sweats, you’re a nervous wreck as you soak up the fumes and the toxins.
As you stare up at the ceiling fan you wonder to yourself “how the fuck did this happen”